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    C.A.T. is Italian exclusive partner and distributor of Almex ticketing systems.

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Tel./Fax +39 (0)89 336001 e-mail: click here
    C.A.T. is Italian exclusive partner and distributor of ATB GmbH (Automatentechnik Baumann) parking ticket machines.

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Tel./Fax +39 (0)89 336001 e-mail: click here
    New exclusive partnership for south of Italy of Vision-Systems company, expertise company of automotive on board video survillance systems, multi-media entertainment on board and driver assisted systems.
The Centre of Technical Assistance is a company with more than thirty years of experience in selling and servicing ticketing systems (hardware and software) for public transport and for parking ticket machines.

Systems on sale are technologically advanced and manufactured by companies leaders of pay and display sector world market. Available solutions are customized and able to satisfy almost all the needs of passenger transport operators (buses, trains, metros and airlines) and parking management operators.

At C.A.T. you can find electronic ticketing systems for public transport, hand held devices for ticket issuing and checking, stationary or boarded self-service ticket machines for buses and trains, traditional and magnetic and contactless ticket validators, parking ticket machines, accessories and consumables like thermal paper rolls, magnetic tickets, contactless cards (ISO 14443 A/B) graphically customized.

Multimedia products for on board passengers' entertainment (video, film, music) are available and bus accessories and solutions for driver assistance to avoid collisions and video survillance systems on board. Automatic Vehicle Localization (AVL) and Management (AVM) and remote management systems for parking machines.

In addition to machines and devices designed and built according the newest technology standars, C.A.T. makes technical service and maintenance of ticket issuing machines and traditional mechanical and electromanetic validators, maintenance and customized development of software applications for ticketing and software for driver, buses, duty, cash and store management designed for needs of transport companies.

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